who doesn’t love some toilet cruising with hot guys in suits spraying jizz at the urinals?

might’ve posted this already, but why the hell wouldn’t I do it again?

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happy to reblog a video of a hot bearded dude milking a pierced fuck-stick and getting sperm sprayed over his face.

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three simultaneous squirts


he loves cum, he needs cum



I could be such an easy, pushover cock-pig cum-slut 4 a HOT, horny, HUNG Top-stud who just LUVS the power he HOLDS just by showing his LARGE member—maybe just a BIG bulge in his jeans, or a barely-contained slab in his skivvies, or hauling out his mouth-watering, IRRESISTABLE slab & showing my MY heart-s desire, KNOWING just a flash, a whiff & I will be on my knees, ready 2 worship him & his cock, take his loads, as many as he can manufacture, just to smell HIS manly musk, taste his cock ‘funk’, lick up inside his RIPE hoodie, nurse on his hard-GROWING cock & get more & more aroused & hungry the MORE he talks & describes & XXXplicit ‘updates’ me on how his cock is feeling, how close he is getting…etc.!!!!

Honorable service award.

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So hot.  I want that load in my mouth.


our Trucker friend has returner with another jerk off hit.

what a good finale!

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Beardy Bator……I love how he intermittently strokes his balls and seems to be admiring his hard cock on his own computer screen.

guy knows how to beat his pole and spill a nice load

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this pole will feed you a full meal

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